Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kansas City Native Politico Jamie Metzl Considers Eternal Life And Syrians

When former Kansas City congressional contender Jamie Metzl isn't writing sci-fi about immortality . . . He's offering local editorials regarding recent immigration practices and the role of Kansas City's Jewish community. Checkit: Letter to the Editor - Kansas City Jewish Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Why did Beth dislike him?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Metzl offers a brief throwaway article, short on specifics and long on a rose-colored glasses outlook.

The bulk of the article attempts to equate post-WWII Jewish immigration to the current wave of Syrian refugees forced from their home country.

That Mr. Metzl (a Clinton Democrat) totally omits the cause of the Syrian refugee crisis is understandable, but nonetheless egregious.
President Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton are directly responsible for the Syrian "civil war" which has displaced millions of residents.

Anonymous said...

"President Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton are directly responsible for the Syrian 'civil war' which has displaced millions of residents."

Agree totally, but how does this justify not accepting Syrian refugees? And what does Jamie's being a "Clinton Democrat" have to do with anything? I ask as someone who is neither a Clinton Democrat nor a likely Trump voter but who has seen some of the refugees (most of whom are middle class and many of whom already speak English) first hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm not against accepting refugees (read my comments again), but I'm against Clinton Democrats who fail to acknowledge the root of this crisis. Europe is being torn apart by this manufactured crisis.

The media rarely ever explains what caused these millions of Syrians to flee their country. They want to start the discussion after the events that led to the "civil war", events precipitated by Obama and Clinton.

Please read about the efforts to build a natural gas pipeline across Syria, which President Assad opposed. Obama, Clinton and their Middle East allies decided they would force Assad from power and install an agreeable puppet.

Anonymous said...

I guess we agree then.