Monday, September 05, 2016


Because bloggers don't get or deserve a break, we'd like to conclude our Labor Day postings with just a bit of tribute to people who work much harder than than the legion of locals who look at screens and kill their eyes for a living.

And so . . .


Sure, desk jockeys deserve celebration too but the career paths we've chosen to celebrate tonight are mostly overlooked, underpaid, underappreciated or under constant criticism.

Take a look:

Workers Who Clean Stuff Keep Kansas City Beautiful Not The Creeps From Visit KC

There's a reason that everything looks nice in Kansas City consumer outlets or in the biz class hotel that cheapskate companies commission for the middle-managers whom they despise . . . And that reason has a name and problems of their own. From dirty tables to storefronts and even filthy streets . . . People paid poorly to clean stuff around Kansas City are always unfairly compensated, overlooked and derided but this place would be a mess without them. Yes, this does include your mom and/or girlfriend as well.

Dishwashers Of All Sorts Deserve Respect

Another cleaning category wherein moms and girlfriends are included . . . Dishwasher is the lowest worker on the totem pole in the nastiest part of restaurants most people would find distinctly unappetizing. This dirty job is somewhere on the TKC CV but quickly abandoned because it's VERY tough work.

Newspaper Reporters, Not Pundits Protect The Kansas City Public Trust

Credit where it's due . . . Newspaper reporters are a dying breed despite the myth that a daily rag is sustainable and while their copy is often manipulated and ignored it remains essential for our Democracy. Don't get it twisted, PR hacks and consultants are masterful at twisting the words of these dutiful scribes but the idea that somebody is going to sit and watch mind-numbing public meetings in order to highlight the most relevant aspects for the rest of us is probably the most important aspect of journalism that's going the way of the dodo and has not and will not be replaced by the Internets chattering class. 

Life Lesson: Teachers School Kansas City But Top Heavy District Administrators Earn Take Home Much Higher Salaries

Sure, they might get a lot of esteem but the administrators get all the cash while these folks are in the trenches doing work that most parents either resent, neglect or contradict.

Police Officers Have The Toughest Job In Kansas City Right Now Amid Civil Unrest & The Skyrocketing Local Homicide Count

At the risk of seemingly ridiculous, this blog contends that right now cops have the toughest job in Kansas City despite the fact that critics constantly attack their budget.

Here's why . . .

- There are fewer officers on the street and many rank & file police contend they're not getting the support they need from leadership.

- Every decision they make can be scrutinized, challenged and second guessed. A bad outcome could land them in jail right next to people they've helped to put away. Yes, we all have to answer to somebody but for these men and women, the stakes are exceptionally high and a wrong move could start a riot. The job offers a lot of pressure considering that most locals are simply worried about typos and arbitrary work deadlines.

- The career path for police officer is becoming increasingly political. While the profession was once documented, rewarded or disciplined in terms of cases or crime stats . . . The culture war has made this job part of identity politics and many officers are now commended or criticized based mostly on demographics and their affiliations.

TKC is a fanboy of NOBODY. We've got more than a few cutting cop jokes in our arsenal that would send the softer patrols workers home crying. We're simply noting the fact that Kansas City police are confronting more challenges than any other working class profession and from all sides as our local homicide count continues to surge. And at the end of the day, even their harshest critics are quick to dial 911 for help when things go wrong.

Accordingly . . .

By no means is this list comprehensive and we know there are a lot of people who work very hard out there who didn't make this list: Like your mom and/or girlfriend despite the fact that her suffering is mostly self-inflicted. Feel free to appreciate them in the comments and hopefully we'll have more for the morning update.

Have a happy remainder of Labor Day . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Not a bad list, jethro.

A couple of the jokes even worthy of a chuckle. Happy Labor Day KCMO. You've certainly got your work cut out for you.

Teach KC said...

Murder, crime and corruption. That's Kansas City right now and that has a lot to do with why there are fewer police on local streets.

Anonymous said...

My dog catcher job is tougher since I actually can catch some stray dogs.

Anonymous said...

The public works director in KCMO has to be the toughest job. You know, all that traveling to Spain on the taxpayer dime to research the Toy Train.

Anonymous said...

I was in a skilled nursing rehabilitation center in OP for 2 months. Most of the staff is foreign from Africa. There were Nigerians, Kenyans, people from Camaroon, and folks from Tanzania. They have terrible jobs. They get to change diapers, bedding, and help old people get dressed and get fed. They were SO KIND and SO PATIENT. They were so happy to be in the United States, and most of them had received their training as CNA's here in the states. They worked very hard and were very proud of their all-American children. They had visited their homeland since leaving, but had no intention to be anything but an American.

Later, I went to another facility that was less intensive. The staff was all native born Americans, mostly African Americans. There was a totally different atmosphere. They were good people, but they did not the professionalism and dedication of those Africans.

But I want to say "hats off" to all of them. They were very attached to their patients and very kind. I am glad to be at home now, but the stays really opened my eyes to the jobs that some people do.

Anonymous said...

KCMO COPS NEED COMBAT arms and combat pay $$$$$$ specially being at the shit hole Diebels on the Plaza !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The issue with identity politics is white folks became The minority during his second term. The culute war is bullshit. Everyone is getting along except where police and the military are wrecking shit. Its not sustainable any longer for those in power to continue this way. They're going to run over the coos and empty the military out in the streets. Suicide has risen 15 years in a row. Someone has to die to keep this economy churning.

Anonymous said...

The hardest jobs in the city are those of "spokesmen" for Sly and city hall like Hernandez, who have to constantly spout ridiculous crap that no one believes and do it with a straight face.
And every day!

Anonymous said...

Just plain any job working for the city is the hardest. All these employees go home each night with knowledge of what bull is going on and they can do nothing about it but perpetuate it!

Anonymous said...

I'm good with most of Tonys blowing and going except I disagree in newspaper reporters in KC. The are the biggest bunch of lying, half story telling, fact missing, biased, politically slanted bunch of amateur ass clowns on earth. I have no idea where most of these local jokers went to school, if they even did, but the who, what, where, when, how and why of reporting is fucking non existent in this town.

Bob said...

10:06, it's called advocacy journalism. That's what they teach in J-Schools these days. It's really just group-think as practiced by people who are about as smart as a box of rocks, but calling it something else helps them feel better about their dishonest careers.

Anonymous said...

10:06, you have a good point. If The Star endorses a candidate, I always vote for the other one. Of course, now that they are charging unreasonable and confiscatory rates for delivery or being able to read it online, I generally just don't read it.