Saturday, September 03, 2016

Kansas City, Kansas Suffers Homicide Surge

Four homicides in five days have leaders across the State Line struggling to cope with the carnage:

KCK police, leaders call recent deadly violence 'unprecedented'
Police investigating at 21st and Quindaro as another homicide impacts KCK


Anonymous said...

Yikes & great googly googly ! I ain't is never going to the DOT , jut with my Boyz to the shit hole Diebels on the to hang out with the other homies , smoke some bluntz , any always been a packing my Glock or 2 . Later on out my bitches !

Anonymous said...

Black Dotte people not wanting to get left behind on the shooting. Thinning the herd, thinning the herd.

claytion said...

i remember 3-4 years ago, there was a puff peice about that dollar general opening at 27th n brown(quindaro), how the hood was looking up... now,,,, 80 percent of dotte murders are a northside address,,, who lives there in bulk,,, the afro american, afro americans are not going to stop killing.

Anonymous said...

Have another candle light vigil it always works in Kansas City.