Friday, September 23, 2016

Kansas City Kangaroo Take Back The Night

College student activism and protest gearing up for what could be an eventful weekend. Take a peek: UMKC students and community march against sexual violence


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see students marching for a REAL cause. This is the biggest problem on college campuses, not racism.

Anonymous said...


I was going to commit some horrible sexual violence in KCMO this weekend, but when I saw those students marching on the Plaza, it completely changed my mind. They make such an incredible difference.

It reminds me of when I use to be homeless. But, then these suburban high school kids slept in a cardboard box outside one night, and inspired me to give up homelessness! Thank God for those kids.

Next week, I'll be leading a social justice protest asking people to become living brain donors, because there are so many Liberals walking around without any functional brain power. It's unnecessary suffering. We have a request in with the Hillary campaign for a quick speech.....kind of a show and tell demonstration.

CocoGaugin said...

Don't they have studies to do? Loans to pay back? Jobs to keeps? Too hot to march. They better get A's. Sound like mommy, daddy issues.

Anonymous said...

If they are gonna march they need to get some of those skimpy spandex panties and flash a little skin like PETA. Lets draw some attention to the subject matter and stop covering up the real issues.