Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The latest Kansas City killing features ongoing concerns over "domestic" drama and the rising murder count overall.

Here's the latest news adding to the KCMO murder count during this 7-year-high-trend of rising local crime.


KSHB: Kansas City police investigated a homicide at a residence on Poplar Avenue near East 26th Street on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016.

KCTV5: Man found dead inside home in Kansas City

Fox4KC: Kansas City police investigate homicide where they say an obvious disturbance occurred in home

KMBC: Police investigate homicide near 25th Street, Poplar Avenue

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

You must be mistaken. See

Anonymous said...

28 to go. 116 ROCKS!!! Clock is ticking tick tock tick tock

Anonymous said...

Don't worry folks! Things are safer than they ever been. See, a few years ago all this City needed was a new East Patrol facility and crime log to work through the backlog of rape kits, provide the police with the tools they needed to improve public safety. The new facility was going to provide needed jobs for the community and that would encourage thugs to turn to a more honorable lifestyle. Simultaneously, we voted in a Black Mayor, appointed a Black police chief and various other derelict Black politicians. All that was done to further convince the thugs, druggies and waywards to a life of crime. We see the results of tgis race-based approach plan and while some claim victory, the increasing number of dead bodies speaks for itself. Maybe I can still catch a game of basketball with those "friendly" police officers at East Patrol. Inspiring. Truly. Now back to your regularly scheduled propaganda, urban gunfights and stray bullets.

Anonymous said...

While Sly runs off to Dallas to learn how to sell an airport that nobody wants, after tabling an effort for a streetcar extension that voters don't want paid for with money deferred from cutting police staff, more murders keep happening.

Now we have to listen to more platitudes of "blame guns" vs leadership that says "you know what? Screw the chamber of commerce! People are dying and money should go to fixing the needs of the many vs the wants of a few."