Friday, September 30, 2016

Kansas City Faith Blogger Shares Moment Of Doubt In Religion Thanks To Donald Trump

An important important blog post considering that a great many people are losing faith in Democracy thanks to the current election cycle . . . Has Trump killed American civil religion? 9-30-16


chuck said...

"I understand and accept that I live in a time when Protestants have moved from being a vast majority of our population to no majority at all. I grasp the concept that this is a post-Christian age. And, with Duke theologian Stanley Hauerwas, I'm not terribly unhappy about that because it gives us Christians a chance not to be responsible for running everything. Now we can more properly assume our role of speaking with prophetic voices about what's going wrong and about how to fix it."

What a fuckin idiot.

Probably sleeps with a gun in his mouth hoping he twitches during a dream about falling into a crowd of BLM terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Bill wishes he could change some of Hilly's past, huh? He doesn't elaborate. What, too risky for writer's cramp?

Catholics, surely, wished away Papa Joe's bootlegging (shirked taxes there) and sundry "Irish mafia" doings when JFK got into politics. Jack's own past up to 11/22/63 wasn't so widely known in that pre-tweet age. Hilly and Don get the instantaneous hot spotlights in this info age. All the world's staged, er, oops, I mean, a stooge -- uh, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

people who invoke religion for political purposes are dangerous. look at history.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

One question for bill

How do you reconcile your support for an abortion politician, and your faith in Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Fuck libtards. God was Republican before he died.

Anonymous said...

11:22 comment

Answer = He can't!!

Bill Tammeus is a walking contradiction when it comes to religion, the very topic that he's made a career writing about.

Abortion is fine.
Promoting homosexuality is fine.
(I say "promoting" because I think most people accept homosexuality. They don't wish to hurt the gay minority, but they don't think it should be promoted and encouraged.)
Transgenderism is fine.
Racial saboteurs like BLM is fine.
Socialism is fine.
Destroying the traditional family is fine.
Voting for criminals like Obama/Clinton is fine.

Anonymous said...

Where was Thammeus when the Bush family were sucking all the oil out from under the Mexican people.