Friday, September 02, 2016

Kansas City Country Club Plaza Luxury Hotel InterContinental Seyz It's Blighted

The latest confirmation of our longstanding blog community complaint . . . Big money Kansas City institutions begging for more taxpayer cash. Here's a worthwhile report buried on a Friday night because the newspaper doesn't really want people to know about it . . . Any good quotes we'll repost . . .InterContinental, a premier KC hotel, seeks 'blight' designation


Anonymous said...

While they should know better, real estate interests are only doing what they've been taught in KCMO.

And KCMO government (Mayor, Council, Schulte, TIF, etc.) have taught developers to NEVER do anything without subsidies.

If every time you went out to eat, you noticed all the other diners getting half off their bill by simply telling the wait staff "50 percent off please", you'd probably start doing it also.

Following Burns and McDonnell's example, maybe the Intercontinental should give donations to Mayor James and Council, and then have the city build them a new hotel.

Anonymous said...

So I guess no business has to make it in KC, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous tipster stated that during Thursday through Sunday, there is a Section 8 discount going on. Save up to 90% on room and board.

Anonymous said...

One question: WHAT THE FUCK?