Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kansas City Blogging Hitler & Trump

Beyond Goodwin's Law . . . This Kansas City blogger makes a bold comparison . . . Checkit: Donald Trump - The Most Dangerous Man Alive


Anonymous said...

Most insane bunch of crap I have ever seen. And Hillary has done what for any of us? The woman should be in jail as her actions have shown she should be. Just what should Donald be in jail for? Face it Lynne you hate men who are more powerful than you.

Anonymous said...

Trump is no Hitler.
He hasn't gone after the yids, yet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Lynne is full of hate for someone she thinks is full of hate.

I would think a smart lawyer would understand you can't be the same as someone your against.

Oh, the comparing of someone to be as bad as Hitler by someone of the Jewish faith is getting rather old. Donald does make it clear he is an American and proud to be one. As a person who likes to point out their families history Lynne, I think you would want to kiss the ass of all Americans since it was us Americans who came and fought the Germans who were lead by Hitler to end that dictatorship.

But it appears your "hate" has forgotten that.

Anonymous said...

This is the party line, which is sad. Instead of having anything positive to say about Hillary (hint: there isn't anything), it's all about attacking Trump with the most overblown ad hominem possible. Guys, you can't win like that. The DNC continues to pay a high price for its blind allegiance to all things Clinton.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

You have to be the dumbest Hunan alive to compare ANYONE to hitler
Unless he's responsible for the killing of 100 million people, nobody is like hitler
Grow up you might become an adult someday

Anonymous said...

Uh huh! Libtards at work. Complain about Trump's rhetoric, call him out of control and then talk shit like this and claim some sort of intellectuall upmanship? What clowns.

Bob said...

8:29, that 100 million was the number of people killed by the Communists. The Nazis "only" killed 25 million +/-. Even ignoring other violent ideologies, it was a very bloody 20th century.

Anonymous said...

Lynne Bratcher - The Worst Blogger Alive?

I usually hate when people are unfairly compared to an IGNORAMUS. I attempt to refrain from ignoramus comparisons, because "Ignoramus" is the title of a farce by George Ruggle (1575-1622) that was first produced in 1615. The title character, whose name in Latin literally means "we do not know," is a lawyer who fancies himself to be quite shrewd but is actually foolish and ignorant.

Lynne Bratcher is such an Ignoramus, as demonstrated in this latest blog posting. She wrote a slipshod summary of Adolph Hitler, repeating his well-known atrocities, yet failed to acknowledge that his rise to power was made possible by some of America's most famous families (Rockefeller, Ford, Bush, etc.).

Bratcher takes her own faulty understanding of history, her political prejudice, and illogical reasoning and projects that onto a male candidate, like a bucket of whitewash being thrown against a wall. Her diatribe could be excused in part if she were attacking both major parties equally, but that's not the case here. Ms. Bratcher says nothing about the massive destruction and loss of life directly attributable to the actions of President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

I found the following passage quite revealing: "Retrospectively, I realize my first vote was not my wisest. I was a starry-eyed Idealist at age 19. I, at 63, am much more of a realist."
In hindsight, Lynne Bratcher admits that her young self was wrong when it came to voting. Today, she likes to think of herself as "much more of a realist." Perhaps in a few more years, the future Lynne will reflect upon her 2016 self as a misguided ignoramus.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I was referring to all the estimated deaths caused by world war two