Friday, September 02, 2016

Kansas City Alice First Friday Link Look

First Friday tonight and here are the Kansas City links we're checking . . . Along with the AWESOME Alice Goodwin body of work:

Kansas City Area Telcom Killing Unsolved
Jury says local man accused of killing AT&T worker is not guilty
Dead Tree Media Counts Jeff Roe's Money
Axiom Strategies got $2.7 million from Cruz campaign, records show
More Kansas City Friday Crime
Thieves strike house while man & grandson are sleeping
Gunfire Aftermath Across State Line
Police identify victim in Wednesday night shooting in KCK
New Kansas City Tradition
West Bottoms First Friday weekend adds roaming auction
Welcome Back Wade!!!
Royals closer Wade Davis reinstated among flurry of roster moves
Cowtown Foodies Love Carbs
Food Critics: The Best Rice Dishes In Kansas City
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Jeff has already ate his way through that 2 mil.

Bob said...

And how much has the Star benefited from its bogus print shop tax relief?

Anonymous said...


Alice Goodwind has such a great ass, that even her farts are considered tropical fair trade winds!!!

Anonymous said...

Fat fuck Roe isn't worth a dollar, much less what he got. Hey, he's a fucking loser and so is Cruz....They deserve each other..

Anonymous said...

Classic Jeff Roe misrepresntation during presidential caucuses for Cruz people to spread false rumor that Marco Rubio had dropped out of race. "New York values" tactic failed Roe/Cruz against Trump. Altho worked against Kay Barnes. What a guy!