Friday, September 30, 2016

The Kansas City After Work Links

Check just a few items we're reviewing at the end of the work day when everybody can go back to playing with their phones in peace.


Kansas City Runaround Today
Wanted man in custody after police chase ends in Northland
Newspaper All Aboard Toy Train
Kansas City streetcar success story spreads but big challenges still remain
Kansas City Witness To Crime
Woman watches crooks try to break into her home
Show-Me Boring Slap Fight For Power
Blunt, Kander break no ground in their first faceoff
Vandals Target Dealer Display
Vehicles broken into, rolled down hill at Premier Mazda
Cowtown Backseat Teet Check!!!
Kansas City gets its first mobile vehicle for 3D mammograms
McTavish Makes The Local Weekend List
6 Free Or Almost Free Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend
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Anonymous said...

"Kansas City gets its first mobile vehicle for 3D mammograms"

I feel a lot better knowing th mammary mobile is on the case. First we saved the whales and now we are saving whales with tits. What a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

Vandals Target Dealer Display ... very cool.
Killa City Home to Crime.