Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kansas City CID Is The New Hotness

El Bryan BRILLIANTLY clowns the latest trend in Kansas City corporate welfare . . . retorts illustrated bryan stalder


Anonymous said...

Why is it all persons "of color" was the to migrate to other countries? Why don't they ever stay in their homeland? Because it's a shit hole? Who made it a shit hole? They did. Why don't they fix it? They've only had since the beginning of civilization considering they're the oldest people on Earth. Stay home, quit bringing your problems to us, we have enough of our own.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Gee, why does anyone migrate anywhere? Maybe because they want to better themselves--just like our ancestors did, and that includes "native" Americans whose ancestors came here 15,000 years ago from somewhere else.

Unless you're in the same house and town you grew up in, you migrated, too.