Thursday, September 08, 2016

Jordan And The Kansas City Morning Scrub

After all these years, Jordan Carver remains our gold standard of hotness as we are inspired by her example of cleanliness amid morning showers as we collect and compile some of the more important Kansas City mainstream media links right now . . .

Kansas City Hotel Redux
InterContinental wants to be blighted, designated as improvement district
Coming To Cowtown America
Syrian refugee family arrives in KC to begin new life in US
Concern For Royals Star
Should we be concerned about Salvador Perez's head injuries?
Real Competition Soon To Kick-Off
Run of lopsided openers for the Chiefs could end on Sunday
No Progress For Kansas City
Royals blow late lead, lose to Twins 6-5
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the early morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the major buyers remorse Europe is having over refugees? Sweden has to make them take naturalization classes where they have to teach Muslim men that rape is NOT okay. They actually give women in Sweden bracelets to wear stating they are not alright with being raped by Muslim men. It of course isn't working as Muslim men will do what they do and rape away. Germany is bound to elect an extreme form of government in response to to being overran with Muslims and we all know Germany has done really well when they do that with no ramifications for the rest of the world. Muslim men are mostly uneducated and extremely religious which is always a bad mix. Now we'll throw them into the ghettos of KC where they'll insulate themselves from black people they are surrounded by, not that I blame them, become more poor with no jobs because of their lack of education and become more radical. People need to understand they don't think like we do, they hate us. Look up a British guy named Trevor Phillips about his views on immigration. He was a British politician that championed muslim immigration that now completely regrets it and admits he was totally wrong. Mr. Phillips is black too.

Anonymous said...

Sharia law and the constitution are incompatible, and never will be. Since the libs obviously don't give a rat's ass about the constitution, it's not a surprise that they want these so-called refugees of DAESH to come here.