Friday, September 30, 2016

JoPo Blogging Comeback!!!

Former Kansas City sports columnist legend Joe Posnanski makes a return trip to the blogging game proving that Twitter didn't replace long form writing that matters . . . Welcome Back


Anonymous said...

Neither Joe or Fatlock has exactly set the world on fire since leaving the Star.

Bob said...

To the contrary, Whitlock has been very successful. Don't know about Posnanski, but I always liked his articles.

Anonymous said...

While I'm not really a fan of Whitlock, I have to admit that he's done better for himself since leaving The Star then Joe Posnanski. Posnanski was publicly humiliated during the whole Joe Pa incident. He was writing a book about him. Promised a hard inside, in-depth book about Joe Pa and the Penn State program before and during the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

What he got was no more in-depth then the average beat writer would get just covering the team.

Anonymous said...

All Fatlock has been able to accomplish after leaving the Star is leaving behind an impressive variety of burned bridges in his rear view mirror.
This new dud of a show with Cowturd will be no different.
I give it 4 months. You heard it here first.