Wednesday, September 21, 2016


A cadre of newsies in Johnson County aren't having much luck when it comes to turning a profit from advertisers who are mostly giving their cash to Google & Facebook.

It kinda reminds me of this one trust fund man-baby I worked for long ago who never had any luck reestablishing his newspaper glory days that his rich father bought for him during the go-go 1980s. I think he sells used luxury cars in the middle of a field in Nowheresville, Kansas nowadays. His buddies still troll the blog from time to time and make up lies about me not paying child support and using meth -- No, I never "slipped one past the goalie" given my VERY limited success and opportunity with the ladies and meth would pretty much kill me immediately given that I can't even order a venti cappuccino nowadays without talking way too loud for 15 minutes and then needing a nap. But I digress . . .


Never mind that outlets like The Northeast News & The Platte County Landmark manage to write groundbreaking stories and sustain their endeavors without this kind of embarrassing display:

Shawnee Newz Dudes: 2016 Donation Campaign: ‘Why are you DOING THIS?!?!?!?’ and other frequently asked questions

In fairness, where fairness might not be deserved because these d-bags talk trash about our blog community all the time(s) . . . This Shawnee news venture has managed to encourage some notable writers to moonlight as of late. . . So their "schmooze" game must be tight.

Still, one of our more brilliant TKC readers asks . . .

"Shawnee Mission Post - Why donate to a for-profit venture? Why not apply for 501c3 status??? At least then donations would be tax deductible."

Good questions, let's not forget that "journalists" are notoriously low paid and one of Donald Trump's key to success has been to mock the dying profession . . . So much so that newsie attacks are part of the Hillary campaign.

The fact is . . . Tax subsidy maintains Kansas City's largest daily newspaper . . . Without it they wouldn't be able to maintain their newsprint endeavor.

Accordingly, we notice these Shawnee dudes earning increased notoriety because they're able to make friends in the closed Kansas City's media scene that doesn't have space for many "real" conservatives (beyond talk show dorks) OR minorities for that matter . . . So, take note of their pledge drive to help power these middle-class journalists as they continue their careers and the public can now join their parents in the public service crowd funding!!!

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I would give all my used navel lint to a TKC pledge drive!

Anonymous said...

hey how's TKC MEDIA going?


p.s. hahaha

Palmolive said...

^^^^^^^ You're soaking in it.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ nice!!!!

Give Me A F**king Break said...

So the owner of a local blog is begging for money again. I say screw him and his fund raiser and here is why.

1. He is to narrow minded to fairly report any news. He is a liar, which to me makes for bad news reporting. If the guy will openly lie about things, how can you trust what he says?
2. He could sell his over priced Prairie Village home and buy a cheaper home else where in the county and use the extra money to fund his, I don't want to really work lifestyle.
3. I won't donate money to anyone to help their business who brags about being a member of a country club. The guy hasn't got his priorities straight as to how money should be spent.
4. Maybe two late model cars of a luxury nature isn't a cost effective way to run a business either. If you have to beg for money maybe a used KIA would be a smarter choice.

Begging for others hard earned cash to support their not making it business all the while living a good life to me smells really bad. So when Mr. What Ever Name We Go By This Month Post is willing to give up his ritzy lifestyle to try and get his business started then and only then would I be willing to maybe give up a little for a joke of a blog. I think a dollar might be an appropriate amount if I was to donate minus the cost of a stamp to mail said check.

Super Dave said...

Very dead on the money post Tony.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to 8:15. Sounds like you might have had some interactions with the publication.

Can't Believe This Shit said...

David Lawrence once told me, "You never tell Hearne Christopher anything. He will twist what you said or flat out claim you said it different."

Jay Senter is another silver spoon wanna be from Prairie Village who thinks he is a moving force in Johnson County. Sweet and short he is a blogger nothing special who can't raise enough ad revenue to support his simple overrated blog or his family. I agree with 8:15 he should first make some sacrifices before he comes begging to people for some money. I really wonder how much of that money he raises goes right into his pocket and is never reported to the IRS.

And is the country club membership really true? At least we all know Tony's status for the most part but really, this Jay, the blogger guy, is wanting people to give him money to support his habit while belonging to a country club?

Anonymous said...

Journalism is a habit?


The fundraiser idea is lame. He is appropriately spanked. I don't care about his personal life.