Thursday, September 01, 2016

Fear Another Kansas College Gun Rights Fight

2nd Amendment protection vs. public safety debate stars anew this semester in the Sunflower State. Take a look: Opponents to revisit concealed carry law at Kansas colleges


Anonymous said...

Opponents of concealed weapons and the residents of Prairie Village all need to go home and STFU. If you pussies are afraid to be around those who wish to protect themselves from the thugs who won't pay attention to any gun laws, then may I suggest you just stay home in your delusional thinking homes while praying nobody breaks in to get you.

A guy I know, who is one who would know, claims if all the people that claim to be against guns were to admit just how many of them in secret had guns, most all of the opponents against guns who really didn't own a gun would be a very tiny small group of people.In fact, he said a local golden ghetto whizzo who runs a blog acting like he is against guns has several registered guns in their name.

Now take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

It's not about being against guns.

It's about encouraging concealed-carry by utterly untrained and inexperienced people going through the most emotionally unstable part of their lives ... in close quarters with thousands of other people just like them. It is a recipe for mayhem.

The whole idea of letting people buy guns with zero training in safe gun handling, zero experience firing and zero evaluation for criminal background and emotional stability is beyond stupid.

Extending that to college students is beyond belief.