Saturday, September 03, 2016

Everybody's Doing It: Explaining The Country Club Plaza InterContinental Request For 'Blighted' Kansas City Tax Breaks

Here's the best comment from our blog community regarding a recent report that the elite InterContinental hotel on the Plaza seeks a "blighted" designation in order to benefit from tax subsidy.

While they should know better, real estate interests are only doing what they've been taught in KCMO.

And KCMO government (Mayor, Council, Schulte, TIF, etc.) have taught developers to NEVER do anything without subsidies.

If every time you went out to eat, you noticed all the other diners getting half off their bill by simply telling the wait staff "50 percent off please", you'd probably start doing it also.

Following Burns and McDonnell's example, maybe the Intercontinental should give donations to Mayor James and Council, and then have the city build them a new hotel.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Another good example of how far the definition of the word "blighted" can be stretched by the legislature when campaign contributions by developers push it along.
The whole "incentive " program lost any credibility long ago. It's just a vehicle for turning public money into a giant slush fund for every shyster who comes along with their grandiose "plan".
And clueless elected like Sly and the gang find it all irresistible.
But what the heck.
It's not their money they're giving away.

Hyperblogal said...

Blight is everywhere I tell ya, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Crown Center Marriott and practically everything else built in KC gots tax subsidies....just the Kansas City taxpayers get screwed....

Anonymous said...

Can I declare my property blighted and get subsidies to put in new landscaping?

Anonymous said...

Wow linking to a KC Star story, you're getting negro lazy.

Anonymous said...


(KCMO)---The Intercontinental Hotel on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza nearly destroyed by Oklahoma earthquake.

The real estate holding company reports they're working among the devastation to update their pending report for the KCMO Council, requesting a "blighted" designation to impose a 20-year one cent additional sales tax.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, real estate attorneys are advising the owners to press for a special exemption, allowing the imposition of an even higher tax rate. The Mayor and Council members are expected to hear the motion, while weighing the checks and balances ....but, mostly the checks!