Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dead Tree Media Dedication: Kansas City Star Supports Jason Kander Senate Run

We don't necessarily disagree but let's not pretend that editorial doesn't dictate coverage . . . Fact is, most Kansas City voters inside city limits will vote for Kander . . . Sen. Blunt hasn't done anything for this town during the course of his career and deserves very little support from local voters who actually care about KCMO municipal issues.

Still, once again the myth that the newspaper provides "objective" coverage has yet another example for local Conservatives (in the minority on this race) can criticize . . . Take a look: Blunt the insider vs. Kander the outsider sums up U.S. Senate contest in Missouri
In fairness, we link Kanderwatch that can be kinda funny from time to time . . . And because we realize that success of any politico rarely benefits the average dude or lady walking around on local streets.


Anonymous said...

Did they can't take into account the candidates' views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Kander just ain't right in the head. Here we are having a political campaign and he is having show & tell on TV. "Mommy, Mommy look what I can do mommy".....jesus h. shitsfister.

Anonymous said...

The Star endorsed Kander, so that tells me that I need to vote for Blunt.

Anonymous said...

They endorse democrats. They didn't want outsiders in last year city election. They endorsed party hack democrats that didn't know anything about city government.

Anonymous said...

Is Kander like Hillary, he doesn't want to take about issues because he's on wrong side? So instead he does stunts and vague ad hominem attacks?

Anonymous said...

That the KC Star, a tax-subsidized, near-bankrupt, Liberal den of mentally-challenged misfits, has endorsed Jason Kander should come as absolutely NO surprise to anyone.

I'm not a big fan of Blunt, but to suggest that:
a 35-year old originally from KS;
educated in D.C. and hoping to live there again;
who married a woman born in the former Soviet Union;
married into and converted to Judaism (2.2 percent of MO residents);
lied to voters about his intention to run for reelection as Secretary of State;
has already made plans to run for Governor in 2024;
is uncomfortable around black residents;
criticizes Blunt's lobbyist family, while Diana Kander has been a lobbyist;
Kander has taken more money from attorneys and lobbyists in this race than Senator Blunt;
criticizes Blunt's wealth, while Diana Kander reportedly sold her interest in a company for millions;
is running almost exclusively on his service record from some 10 years ago;

Jason Kander is a career politician opportunist looking to move up quickly. The things he criticizes Senator Blunt over, are things that he seeks for himself, not things he would eliminate.

Senator Blunt is 60-something, he was born in MO, went to college in MO, earned a Master's in MO, he was a high school teacher in MO, was on the faculty of 2 MO universities, became a MO university president, began his political career as a MO county clerk.

Jason Kander is 35 years old, he was born in Kansas, went to college in Washington, D.C., earned a J.D. in Washington, D.C., he served 2 terms in the MO House, and is currently MO Secretary of State.

MO does NOT need, nor can tolerate another Democrat U.S. Senator.

Anonymous said...

+1 Co- sign @ 10:09

Anonymous said...

Pretty much an ad hominem attack you got going there, 10:09. Born in Kansas? So what? Educated in DC? So what? Attacks on his wife? Not cool. Attacks on his religion? First Amendment, anyone?

Bottom line for me: Kander volunteered to serve. Blunt avoided the draft. And the Blunts have been on the government dole for far too long.

Anonymous said...

8:11, you're insane. Team Kander has been attacking Blunt's entire family for over a year. Attacks on Diana Kander are 100% fair game because of that.

The only reason Kander volunteered to serve is because he knew a couple months sitting at a desk on a safe & secure base in Afghanistan would look good on his resume.