Saturday, September 10, 2016

Credit Where It's Due: Kansas City Amateur Urban Planner Advocate Nerds Help Keep Sidewalks Open During Construction

From the folks @ Bike/Walk Kansas City who have been pushing progress toward policy that requires walkway access during construction and probably driving up the cost of building anything within city limits . . . "We are happy to report that KCMO City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that would significantly restrict contractors and utilities from blocking sidewalks and will go a long way toward maintaining walkway accessibility during construction." Read more: KCMO City Council Unanimously Adopts New Sidewalk Closure Policy


Anonymous said...

To bad it will never be enforced.


Anonymous said...

According to the luminous Mr. Bunch millions of Kansas Citians want to bicycle to work but not without bike lanes!

Anonymous said...

Great now it will get worse since it's official ordinance!

Anonymous said...

Tony calling out an amateur?

That's fucking laughable.

Toy train updates soon, Transit Engineer?

Anonymous said...

Yes we all want our biking employees arriving to work all hot, sweaty and stinking while wore out from the ride and not worth a shit the rest of the day as they save energy for the ride home.