Friday, September 09, 2016

Craig Talks Kansas City Comedy Weekend

For those already crafting their weekend plans, our pal Craig offers his suggestions and news about his weekend plans.

Take a peek:

Brian Dunkleman Returns To American Idol And Stanfords.

Brian Dunkleman would co-host America's number one show, American Idol. Brian would join Ryan Seacrest in 2002 as millions watched for weeks on end. After season one, Dunkleman went on to co star on American Idol Rewind that summer. Brain was offered tons of roles on televsion series including appearing on Family Guy, MAD TV, Friends and later My Name Is Earl. He was banking big bucks, but decided comedy and acting were his thing and left the show. Many considered it one of worst decisions ever made in Hollywood! Dunkleman had to live with it for years as Seacrest went on to become a mega millionaire.

A few months back American Idol ended its 15 year run. The big surprise, they brought Brian back to co host the final show on stage with Ryan Seacrest one more time. Again in front of millions of viewers. Of course it lighted up Brian's career again. He is back on the comedy circut and this week will be back at Stanford and Sons in Overland Park. Every morning show from Johnny Dare to KCTV 5, NBC 41 and Fox 4 are having him in KC this week. Everyone wants to know the scoop on Idol, Ryan Seacrest and the entire nine yards. Mostly Brian Dunkleman is a very funny stand up comic. He has done Stanfords for the last ten years rain or shine. A great guy and a true entertainment talent.

See Brian on stage Friday and Saturday two shows nightly 745 and 945 pm. Have a nice dinner in our New Orleans styled restaurant before the show. Call 913 400 7500 or go online to for reservations. Have a nice weekend and lets get r done Chiefs!


Anonymous said...

>New Orleans styled restaurant

you can't be serious

I remember all those late nights of Dr. Pepper ribs on Rampart street, the sound of Skippy from Family Ties wafting out of the Jazz Clubs...

You are human garbage GC

Wyatt Earp, Dodge City said...

Glazer, you truly are an idiot and don't know jack about comedy. Daniel Lawrence Whitney also known as Larry the Cable Guy who you love to blow out your asshole you are so tight with, owns the trademark on Git r Done. I'm sure you meant to say Git over Get, but once again you have displayed your stupidity at not knowing a damn thing. I will forward this story to Git-R-Done Productions, Inc. so they can review this trademark infringement. It's the law asshole!

Anonymous said...

Wyatt might want to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Boy,That stupid dave hates your guts ,Craig.
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Anonymous said...

Oh Craig. Any attention is good attention, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

That was not Craig.just an observer of Craig and STUPID DAVE,among many other people and topics..I'M the guy who originally coined Dave as "stupid dave,several years back,because I could no longer let the goofy ass windbag ,get away with all the stupid,self righteous ,retarded fuckin babbling,that he thinks makes him actually look cool,as,well as thinking that other's fall for that shit ..nobody does,except for a few other rejects out there..

CG said...

I have no clue what you are all taklin about Dan Whitney is Larry the Cable Guy, as far as ger r what...who cares...all that matters is Brian Dunkleman from American Idol is at Stanfords this that hater trolls...enjoy...and get a life for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

Heard him on 98.9 this week he was great....loved all the Craig shit Dare puts out, funny...

Anonymous said...

+1 @ Wyatt

Anonymous said...

CG said, "I have no clue"

Yes CG, that's why you have been in prison, on probation 3 times and lived in a halfway house. Those are the things that people who have no clue about the law end up doing. Trademark infringement is serious stuff and only stupid business owners laugh about it.

12:04 I wouldn't be calling anyone stupid or saying they can't write for shit, after seeing that hogwash you plastered on here.

Anonymous said...

Glazer rocks period.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy that was the homosexual prison rape victim?

Anonymous said...

No that was yo mama.