Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Celebrate Minor KCI Improvements

Slow-moving change is always much easier for Kansas City to accept . . . Especially when we're talking about screwing with precious parking convenience . . . KCI to make small improvements while terminal debate stalls


Anonymous said...

...and the snow job on the public continues.

Anonymous said...

The debate didn't STALL it is over we do not need a new terminal. Particularly one that is a single terminal so people will have to wait in line --- and spend more money while waiting at the "STORES".

Anonymous said...

any kci boondoggle new terminal requirng a public vote would fail.

given that reality, the boondoggle dreamers are wasting their time.

cracks in the floor? fix 'em. more electrical outlets needed, put 'em in. new display needed, do it.

that'll all cost millions, not billions.

the folks know that.