Friday, September 02, 2016

Celebrate The Kauffman Center And The Good Life For Downtown Kansas City Elite That Doesn't Really Help Anybody Else!!!

Admittedly, the building looks nice and might be a cool addition to the skyline but, in the final analysis, it's YET ANOTHER taxpayer subsidized (the city paid for the $47 million parking lot on the grounds) that has helped to alleviate some of Kansas City's pathological inferiority complex among the elite but mostly remains a place where most locals don't visit that's mostly focused toward big money patrons. You decide: Five Years On, What Does The Kauffman Center Mean To Kansas City?


Anonymous said...

Unless the Boston Pops is planning a move to KC this place is another deteriorating building waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Only Olathe residients like that Paul Wilson get major wood thinking about Kauffman Center. See that's where they can spend the money meant for the kids school lunches rubbing elbows with people who really do have some dough and not just acting like it. Any idiot knows the only place for real performing arts is over at 18th and Vine here in Kansas City where lots of Colin Kaepernick types are waiting to relieve you of all you own while asking how much to do the blonde in the back in.

Anonymous said...

well, after having just scanned some sporting event prices, i'd say that the cost of the fabulous offerings at kaufmann performing arts center is reasonable.

is kaufmann performing arts center amazing and wonderful for kansas city?

that's a rhetorcal question.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean shit.