Sunday, September 18, 2016

Candice & The KCMO Sunday Night Link Look

More Tragedy On Local Streets
Fatal motorcycle crash on Interstate 70 near Highway 40
More Praise For Senate Gun Trick
WATCH: Missouri Democrat trolls the NRA and gun nuts in 2016's best campaign ad
Old School Journalism Celebration
Hyatt Regency skywalks disaster in focus; panel to discuss news coverage
Ourtsider Tour Guide Link
WV Travel Team: Kansas City offers eclectic food, arts, shopping
Royal End of Season Milestone
Morales homers for career hit 1000 as KC downs White Sox
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Kander needs a few hamburgers! He never was issued that weapon when he was in. LIAR!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that the Democrats don't think anyone should be able to get their hands on one of these AR-15 style weapons. Of course in the spirit of their typical hypocrisy they see nothing but praise for a Democratic jackass who uses one in a political commercial to act like a bad ass. These fucking libtards should be rounded up and deprogrammed. They have been blowing bullshit up each others asses for so long that they have actually started to believe it.

Anonymous said...

This war hero bullshit is worn thin.

Anonymous said...

"...These fucking libtards should be rounded up and deprogrammed..."

What's really scary is that that actually seems reasonable to you. Hitler said that he got his idea for the concentration camps from the American Indian Reservations. It's also interesting that such radical ideas are touted by people who consider themselves conservatives. Your radical politics are frightening.

I think Kander was wrong to do this, but I also think he did it in mockery of you. There should be no test for public office; no military, religious or sexual.

Rachel Madcow said...

He said it... Libtard! Take a drink!

Anonymous said...


Dad always said, "Accept Candice from strangers!!!"

Anonymous said...


..a vegan who hangs out in front of a steakhouse.

..the son of an Omaha multi-millionaire railroad executive who leads a protest at MU claiming he's oppressed. overrated wealthy privileged NFL quarterback who feels the need for more attention centered on himself.

..a former member of the Missouri House and Secretary of State who didn't accomplish anything worth repeating, lied to MO voters, desires to be in NYC and Washington, D.C., whose wife was a lobbyist, and who's already planned to run for Governor in 2024. Oh wait, that is Jason Kander!!

Kander = Liberal pal of Obama/Hillary = Bad for Missouri

Anonymous said...

9:14 Keep thinking. I bet you could get something right at least 10 percent of the time Libtard breath.

Anonymous said...

"Libtard breath", that's a good one, retard.

Anonymous said...

I had tea with God yesterday, & boy is she pissed.

She wants to know why Americans think they are God's Chosen People when they mistreat so many of her children.