Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Behati And The Kansas City Link Pool

Behati Prinsloo might have married a rock star dude but that doesn't make her any less hot . . . And the inspiration for our Kansas City mainstream media link list right now.

Take a peek:

Locals Forget American History
Helicopter shot down 4 times in Vietnam vandalized in Kansas City
Tech Celebration Across State Line
Amazon Breaks Ground On Huge New Facility In Kansas City, Kansas
The Search Continues . . .
Clothing bag found where missing Raymore woman's vehicle was burned
Golden Ghetto Misdeeds Caught On Video
Olathe police investigating aggravated robbery at 7-Eleven
Pitch Plans The Fall
Five reasons why Loufest belongs on your calendar in 2017, plus a slideshow featuring LCD Soundsystem, Ms. Lauryn Hill and Chris Stapleton
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Dolemite said...

Look at that no business, born insecure, honkey motherfucker!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, a white guy caught on camera committing a crime. That's like seeing Bigfoot, since 99.9% of the time it's a black person.

dayton said...

^ha true, ive seen video of some white guys in waldo trying to lift some shit, a guy out in bf shawnee stealing heating and cooling equip, probably a meth head maintenace tech, some eminem 30 year old shot up a dentists office way out in deep northeast indy sugar creek, some whiteboys held up the filling station on hickman mills n 85th,,,, other than that,,, afro americans DOMINATE the crime scape. no denying htat,

Anonymous said...

Helicopter that survived the Viet Cong is no match for the hood rats of Killer City.

Tim said...

Yeah he was white but he still had that punk-ass ball cap turned sideways. I bet his pants were dragging too.

Anonymous said...

Tim, can you go a whole day without making dumb ass assumptions?

Keep conforming, you Nazi.

Anonymous said...

The Amazon miracle in KCK isn't a tech achievement.
It's a sweat shop warehouse.
Another step in the race to the bottom.