Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bail For Shawnee Wal-Mart Shooter Suspect Set @ EPIC $2 MILLION

Big money ask for this alleged gun crime that continues to shock the metro. Take a peek: Bail raised to $2 million for Shawnee shooting suspect


Anonymous said...

Couldn't even stay out of trouble for a whole two months. Apparently he really enjoyed prison now he'll get to enjoy Lansing for the next 25 years. I noticed him and his accomplice are both III's. Think he'll see his dad and grandpa in prison? Here's to more people shooting criminals who've got it coming.

Anonymous said...

Stood out like a sore thumb in Shawnee, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Fox4 just showed the dead guy's family having a vigil in the Wal Mart parking lot. The dead has eight, yes eight fucking kids. As tacky as the vigil was the dead guys sister did not excuse his behavior, shockingly. Piece of shit was 28 with eightfucking kids. Can you imagine what that family of offspring will cost us? It will be millions.

Anonymous said...

Well I doubt givin his previous offenses and history of crime that he'll be doing time in Lansing or Leavenworth actually, they'll send him somewhere else far away to make it even harder on him to see his little 8 Munchkins, as more punishment for his pathetic disgusting choices of a life style !!!

I know a guy who got caught for some crimes pretty severe Federal Charges, and even tho he was born raised here , has family here - they still sent him over 900 miles in another direction, after spending 6 months down south about 400 miles.

Frankly , Degenerates like this should just be put down, Black or White doesn't matter,,, these types of criminals serve no use to anybody or society , and just end up costing too much money to house them, Valuable resources that could be better spent on much better venues to society as a whole, and communities !

and I'm talking murderers child molestors rapists, serial killers, and 1 hell of a lotta corrupt lying worthless scumbag Politicians of both parties !!!!!

OK - I think its safe to ride your bikes again - now that I've cleaned up 75% of the population - continue on mates !!!!!