Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Alleged Deadly DUI Illegal Alien Suspect Gainfully Employed In Johnson County

Another reminder that so-called Conservatives in Kansas don't mind taking advantage of cheap labor in spite of their politics. Given the blame game rush on this story, credit to NBC Action News for focusing attention on the employers AND THEIR CUSTOMERS who also benefited from allegedly undocumented labor.

And we still our blog community still doesn't understand how it's any better to be killed by a drunken American driver . . . Suspect in JoCo deputy death worked for Overland Park developer


Anonymous said...

A bunch of contractors and home developers in the KC area hire illegal aliens. If you ever get a new roof on your house you will need an interpreter.

Anonymous said...

Hey ,i had a drinking problem for years .i hired Mexicans on many a job.

Tony really is correct on this..i grew up in a culture where it was totaly normal and accepted to pop a top right after work (hard,hard work ),no matter how far the drive was to get home.

I quit several years ago ,due to Felony DUI charge and one to many close calls.Sometimes I didn't always end up at home on time ,after a stop at the bar.

Point is ,i almost killed myself AND innocent drivers on way more than one occasion.

I bring up ,hiring Mexican's,because i was a very hard working drunk, and believe it or seemed as though,and i know for a fact that most of the Mexicans ,went the fuck home after work,not all but the majority really did.

Rambling here..point can be any goddamn nationality ,gainfully employed and drink & drive & fuck up ,big time..I was just lucky and so was the general public


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

937. You forgot one thing
It's against the law to hire illegal aliens. So the employer is just as responsible

Anonymous said...

12:40 you forgot one thing
The developer is a wealthy white man with lawyers. They will place the blame elsewhere like the government or social systems. The only thing that will happen is a possible fine and that his cheap labor just got temporarily more expensive because of lawyers. But its a cost of doing business so as soon as the media attention dies down his contractors and sub contractors will be doing the same again. In the long run the lawyers just become a cost of doing business. His accounts will probably find a way to write it off taxes. This is the way Trump will operate the country.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

That's the way the country operates now

Anonymous said...

Nothing new, Schlup was prosecuted several years ago in Missouri for hiring illegals.