Saturday, September 03, 2016


Today in Kansas City there was a multiple injury apartment fire, another killing amid a bloodbath in KCK and ongoing danger on local streets . . . All of these events are newsworthy but most of the local fascination surrounded the earthquake.

Accordingly, here are a few news tremors that caught our attention:

CNN makes the fracking connection like most of our local online pundits: Oklahoma earthquake: State orders shutdown of 35 wells

Even the very clever locals weren't THAT funny: Earthquake in KC prompts funny online response

Most of our disaster prepardness is focused on crazy people with guns: Prepare KC

Meanwhile, we'll simply conclude today in song with our Kansas City Earthquake 2016 playlist . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Fraking is actually a pretty serious problem and obviously threatens kansas city and the rest of the nation. I wouldn't be so cavalier about it TKC.

Anonymous said...

Better title:




Teach KC said...

Appreciated the mix but the homicides that you mentioned in KCK are actually much more important and represent the greatest threat to the people in the metro area.

Anonymous said...

Thank God 18th & Vine is earthquake proof. Uh huh!

Anonymous said...


Tracy Thomas at said...

Pay attention, people and that includes CNN. Read the Bill Whataker story, that I posted this morning from 60 Minutes. It is not fracking for natural gas. It is conventional oil and gas production.

It's not pouring water into the earth to release natural gas. It is pulling up the oil, and the residue is salt water, and when that is poured back into the hole, it goes to the Arbuckle Foundation and the crystalline basement, where there are faults, and THAT is what is causing the earthquakes.

So it is not T. Boone Pickens. It's the Koch brothers.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^WTF is that crap, she is insane I do believe.

Anonymous said...

So is it safe to fart or not?

Anonymous said...

IN KC kills city, that is always the best decision. Lulz.

da' man said...


It's fracking.

Fucking idiot.

Fucking idiots.

Dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

The earthquake that happened on 9-2 in OK was at a depth of 6 plus miles. Fraking's deepest depth is less than a mile. Get educated.

The murders in KCK are horrible and so much more attention should be paid to that and the reasons and the help that is needed.

So shut up and do something.