Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wendy And Kansas City Wednesday Links

We wake to witness the hotness of Wendy Fiore which welcomes hump day and review some of the most important Kansas City links for right now.

Before anything else we want to note El Bryan's take on the KCPS school year kick-off . . . 

And then . . .

The Kansas City Midweek Checkup
Take 5 For Your Health
Meth Town Shooting This Morning
Independence police investigate shooting
JoCo Hippies Burned Their House?!?!
Incense left burning may have caused Merriam house fire
First Day Joke Not Quite So Funny
Kansas City Public Schools bus delays blamed on prank, miscommunication
Stalling Tactics Across State Line
Police opt to deescalate tense standoff outside KCK man's home
Celebrate The Wildcat Cure
K-State researchers work toward finding Zika vaccine
Tragedy Aftermath Report
Rep. Scott Schwab issues statement about son's water park death
Heading Toward Weighty Issues
Women injured in Verr├╝ckt incident at Schlitterbahn hire attorney, consider litigation
Kansas City Hope Continues . . .
The Royals still have a chance to squeak into the playoffs
Old School Real State Report
Highest point in Kansas City housed corruption cleanser
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Wendy starts her morning with fresh-squeezed melons!!!

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Public Schools bus delays blamed on prank, miscommunication

Someone needs to get fired! No excuse!

Anonymous said...

incense starting house fires? Are you serious? Incense only starts house fires in Independence, Mo.