Saturday, August 27, 2016

Veronica And Kansas City Saturday Night

Veronica Schneider is an international hottie with an enduring body of work into her late 30s and tonight she inspires a few more links to start the Saturday night . . .

Kansas City Booze Newz
Whiskey Review: Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey - The Whiskey Wash
Another Kansas City Westport Disaster
Westport one of hardest-hit areas taken over by floodwater
Sunflower State Takeaway
Audit: Kansas' civil forfeiture laws too vague
Discount Teaching Moment
Report Puts Kansas 10th Nationally On Education Measures, But Shows Some Weaknesses
Kansas City Inevitability
Let's face it, the Royals will eventually sell the naming rights to the K
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Bob said...

I'll pay $5 to name the stadium "Bob."

Anonymous said...

"It's not unique for a distillery to market a product as a rediscovered secret that was lost in the dark ages of Prohibition. "

BULLSHIT! I got a ten spot that says this stuff is being bottled by McCormick just like 99 percent of the other private label whiskey in these parts. I also bet that there is barely enough difference in the process to get buy trade issues.

Design your label, dream up your line of PR crap and pay McCormick or receive a royalty. Same game , different day.

Anonymous said...


Miss Venezuela 1998!

As a young woman, her body was named a World Heritage treasure by UNESCO!!!

Anonymous said...

KC and JACO taxpayers pay enough money each year that we ought to get the naming rights.

Anonymous said...

That Rieger Whisky is delicious. It's sourced (they are buying different products and mixing them). They are currently aging original stuff now.

Anonymous said...

uh huh!