Monday, August 08, 2016

Tracy's Blog Considers Golden Ghetto Legend

Our pal Tracy seems to think this dead rich, dead, white dude is worth remembering, you decide if he was one of the good ones . . .


chuck said...


JoCoPost said...

I heard Roger tell this story, and thought it made a great point.
So I gave him a guest editorial.

ATAR columnist and political wannabe Steve Rose likes to think of himself as Mr. Johnson County, which is preposterous, undeserved and narcissistic on his part. The real Mr. Johnson County is the man who actually did things, built things, organized things and inspired others: Ben Craig.

Whenever any group thought about commencing a project, one of their first steps was "What does Ben think?" He wasn't just a banker, he was a behind the scenes leader of just about every great civic project.

Now I have my quibbles--he failed to walk away from creepy Chuck Carlsen, at JCCC. A tough call, since the college is so important to our county. But other than that, Ben was a thumbs up guy.

He was different from Jim Nutter in KCMO politics, a man I greatly respect, and just saw at Dutch Newman's funeral, because Ben wasn't primarily a kingmaker. He was a leader who was out in front.

Tracy Thomas

The Truth of the Matter said...

Roger Peugeot is a thumbs down guy. His business has robbed more ole ladies in this area than any crook ever has. Charging senor citizens close to $110 dollars to switch out a Fluidmaster flush valve seal that costs a dollar and takes 30 seconds to replace. Oh that is just a fraction of the things this so called "Master Plumber" has done to customers. Why many call him the "Masterbater" for the way he jerks his customers off.

JoCoPost said...

Roger the Plumber has been rescuing Joco families for 60 years. They always, always give the customer THREE options with prices, before they do ANY work. That would include having a senior Mom's deadbeat troll of a son, eg 12:47/Truth of the Matter, the opportunity to perform routine plumbing tuneups.

And Roger invented, single handedly, the first Senior Discount for any service provider in Johnson County.

It's not the cost of the part, or the time it takes, sonny. It's having the correct parts, showing up on time, knowing what you're doing/licensed and trained technicians, and not flooding the house because sonny is too stupid to properly turn off the water before performing work.

Roger was named Plumber of the Year in 2002, out of 88,000 plumbers nationally. Whereas 12:47/Truth of the Matter, what career recognitions have you received?

Now, back to the story about Ben Craig. Have you read it? Or are you just jealous that someone took the time to honor a great leader.

The point of comments is to be ON TOPIC. Did you ever meet Ben Craig? Did you ever lead anything?

Anonymous said...

Appropriately, Ben Craig kept an office at 119th & College Blvd, where he looked out at the Johnson County Community College--which he helped build.

I think they should change the name to the Ben Craig campus.

Thank you, Roger.

Super Dave said...
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