Monday, August 22, 2016


This is important for many reasons but mostly because a Kansas City Facebook story during election time from a socialite politico lady is now, apparently a Federal Case. Checkit:

Federal court rules in Chastain's favor in his defamation suit against Anne Hodgdon

The United States District Court (Kansas) has denied Anne Hodgdon's motion to dismiss Clay Chastain’s lawsuit against her for defamation.

The little guy can be thankful we have an honorable federal court system in which to seek justice when the powerful try and bury the powerless with bottom dealing.

Mrs. Hodgdon claimed in a 2015 Facebook post that I sexually assaulted, if not tried to rape, her in 1994, though she never filed a police report at the time. She said it was time to tell her “personal Clay Chastain story” as the “very unstable Clay Chastain ‘legally messes with’ Kansas City’s great Mayor Sly James.”

But the not very nice and not very stable Mrs. Hodgdon forgot to do her homework before she concocted her false and malicious lie.

Mrs. Hodgdon claimed, in vivid detail, how I lured her to my home to sexually assault her using our mutual love for public transit as my prop. Once there, she said I showed her pages and pages of beautiful hand drawn sketches of streetcars plans I was getting ready to submit to the city. Uh huh, that’s right.

The inconvenient truth for Mrs. Hodgdon is that I had no streetcar plans or any interest in public transit whatsoever at the time of the alleged incident she described on her Facebook post. I would not design a light rail plan until 1998 and did not design a streetcar plan until 2001!

Mrs. Hodgdon claimed that while I was attempting to sexually assault her, she “kneed me (in the groin no doubt) as hard as she could.” Uh huh, that’s right.

At that time I was a trained athlete and Mrs. Hodgdon was 7-years older than I.

Mrs. Hodgdon claimed that after she kneed me she escaped and I came running after her like “an enraged madman.” Uh huh, that’s right.

No man does any running after being kneed in the groin. What’s more, no grown man that has joint custody of a daughter (my eldest was 8-years old at the time of alleged incident and living with me) is going to try and rape a woman and then chase her down the street enraged like a madman.

Of course Mrs. Hodgdon has hired a powerful big time Kansas City lawyer to defend her, and I am going up against him pro-se! But the United States Federal Judge was unmoved by his stature, distortions and deliberate attempts to mislead the court.

This is what the court had to say in brief…

(1) “ The court finds defendant’s (Anne Hodgdon) arguments unpersuasive.”

(2) “ Plaintiff (Clay Chastain) properly states a claim of libel of a public figure.”

(3) “ The court denies defendant’s motion to dismiss.”

Because I have been relentless in challenging the political leadership of Kansas City’s establishment, some in the establishment have been relentless in their dirty underhanded schemes to try and stop me. "Clay Chastain"


Anonymous said...

Not a Clay fan but I see where he's coming from on this one. The story never made sense and she should have known better not to have written it.

Anonymous said...

Clay sounds like a hot date!

KC Barrister said...

who is representing this woman? There are so many KC shysters who would fall all over themselves for this kind of business.

I'm surprised that some of the big law firms aren't taking on the case pro bono.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a libel lawsuit can be a hassle.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wrong term. Libel is spoken, the woman wrote this angry post against Clay.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of this hassle will inspire Clay to go away?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony. After all, you ought to know the difference between libel and slander.

Anonymous said...

I usually try to say something snide when ever commenting on Clay and his antics, but this time I think he is justified in believing that he was being railroaded. Congratulations Clay don't let this person push you around.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, clay is a four-letter word:
mrs. hodgdon will win BIG.

Bob said...

12:44 - Slander is spoken, libel is written.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know said...

So will Verruckt do the same with Tracy Thomas over the hateful nonfactual stuff she has been saying?

Anonymous said...

Trolley boy (1:00) just can't let it go.

Anonymous said...

1:37 Certainly not an expert opinion you have, given that you have absolutely no facts other than your personal dreamer drama which likely have no basis in reality.

Another Schlitterbahn TruthTeller said...

Tracy Thomas was spot on, a full WEEK before the MSM got around to speculating that the design of Verruckt was a physics nightmare, destined to fail.

Watch tonight at 10 on Channel 5, as they interview an engineer who TOLD the Schlitterbahn/Trump narcissists that this thing was a catapult, so they ignored him.

Tracy was ALSO a week early in writing the truth that Steve Vockrodt at the STAR finally agreed on: the reports will never be made public, there will be out of court gagged settlements.

Anonymous said...

5:17 is Tracy Thomas trying to make you think she is relevant

.What gave you away Tracy is your insane use of all caps on certain words.

So your busted and hopefully sued out of Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Chastain outed when he started jotting note about the women signing his petitions? Sounds par for the course for loverboy.

Anonymous said...

Having one engineer is like having one drug addict and expecting his version to reflect the preponderance of facts related to drug abuse. Nothing is going to replace a professional investigation and all of the wannabe blogger and local crapola newsie hype and bullshit on earth is going to change that. This is just more bait for the suckers who jump on the band wagon and help milk a dead cow. Nine of it counts as a substitute for facts. Wait for the investigation and hold up on tar and feathering. That fucking simple.