Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Kansas City Sunday Link Look

Quick look at a few more worthwhile Kansas City Sunday news links for right now. Checkit:

Artsy Cowtown Big Plans
Kansas City's Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art studying expansion
Kansas City Football Fanboy Sunday
Chiefs' Reid: Berry 'ready to go' after signing deal
Show-Me Politico Lament
Rep. Sheila Solon Says Missouri Billionaires Have Too Much Control In State Elections
Kansas Alt-Right Celebration
Brownback's advice to Trump on agriculture
Show-Me New Regs
More than 100 new Missouri laws take effect
Local Crime Connection
Kansas City resident, son of man slain in 1976, meets with Texan Cullen Davis
Kansas City End Of Season Preview
Royals, Red Sox face off on Sunday Night Baseball
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Anonymous said...

It was a very good year.

Anonymous said...

For people living in the fantasy world of spectator sports.

For those of us living in the real world - it sucked.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs/Royals...just do your JOB.