Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Talking Ferguson Two Years Later

Aftermath report from the MSM newspaper that summarizes a movement after racial rioting and uprising. Take a look: How Michael Brown's death, two years ago, pushed #BlackLivesMatter into a movement


Bob said...

The story about how BLM became a national movement does not tell us how it really became a national movement. Somebody has taken over the national organizing and coordination, and somebody is providing the main funding. Learning who these people are, and their affiliations, and their motives, will tell us more about BLM than USA Today's incomplete account. (I don't know the answer to either question, but lots of people do, and they're not talking.)

Anonymous said...

If they chant kill more cops, which they have, they are given legitimacy? If you chant kill more thug blacks you are a RAYSHITZ. Welcome to the new libtard America. ...and you really want Hilliary?

Super Dave said...

Movement, as in Bowel Movement, would be a more accurate, relevant, description.

Anonymous said...

What Ferguson proves is the old adage that a lie travels half way around the world while truth is still lacing up its boots.
And any "movement" based on a lie and existing mostly as a Twitter invention will do nothing other than to make a few "leaders" internet famous, a few others lots of money, give the media a new fad to obsess over, and in this case, endless excuses for gangs of mindless nobodies to behave any way they want.
Contributions to serious constructive change?

Anonymous said...

BLM is right up there with there with the NAZI's.
The only difference is the Nazi's could goose step march in unison.

Anonymous said...

Wake up sheepeople....

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter

by Ellen McGirt AUGUST 8, 2016

Black Lives Matters protesters show their support for Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia on February 27, 2016.
Cory Clark — NurPhoto/Sipa USA/AP
A new donor fund for the group has drawn some big names.
Last week, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) published a detailed and ambitious policy agenda, with a long list of “demands” that are attempts to match systemic problems with transparent solutions. One subsection of the agenda, “End the War on Black People,” takes on the criminal justice system. Another, “Reparations,” asks for specific remedies from corporate, government, and educational systems for harms related to slavery, and more recently, redlining in housing, education policy, mass incarceration and food insecurity.

The document is strong, clear, detailed and unflinching. And diverse: the movement is led largely by young black women and men, queer people of color and immigrants. The mix is reflected in the language and the issues.

For some, the agenda may help dispel the myth that the movement itself is set on violence. For others, it will confirm their worst fears. But no matter where you sit on the issues, the very existence of the manifesto is a confirmation of the power of distributed leadership, amplified by new technology and organized around a clear cause.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again , ask any Groid that hangs out at Diebels on the Plaza , bluntz lives matter !

Anonymous said...

BLM is a terroristic organization - flat out. They bully, they threaten, they are violent. Bad stuff happens when they show up and in a lot of cases people are hurt or as in Dallas people die. They don't like the police or anyone who may disagree with them. Sorry, not sorry, but this is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sad, some still believe "hand up don't shoot" really happened. Funny how officer Wilson was put under the DOJ microscope and they found nothing.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter just sabotaged itself by becoming part of the Jew-hating BDS movement seeking the extermination of Israel. Really dumb move, BLM. What sector of the white population has for 50 years joined with blacks to fight for civil rights? Jews. Who were most of the white civil rights activists murdered in the South in the 1960s? Jews. Overnight, Black Lives Matter has become a hate organization by anyone's definition.

Anonymous said...

Wait! You mean when BLM hated whites it wasn't a hate organization?