Saturday, August 20, 2016

Steve Rose Considers Gov. Brownback

He's the closest thing they have have to a Conservative writing columns for Dead Tree Media . . . Here's the Steve Rose take on the horrible recent jobs report. Checkit: Brownback's blather: Is it denial or spin?


Anonymous said...

Steve Rose and Tracy Thomas need to have a love child so the rest of us can watch a blathering idiot being born.

Anonymous said...

After he ruined the family publishing business, why would anyone listen to the this liberal in Republican clothing?

G. Washington said...

Steve Rose is a child of privilage. His parents were rich white jewish folks that ran a newspaper, it folded and went out of business. Steve never learned how to be a good journalist so he writes trash in the dying KC Star and pushes it off as responsible writing. Steve either retire or die but just go away.