Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SNAP Stays Losing Defamation Case

Important news regarding the same group that launched a campaign against the Kansas City Catholic hierarchy . . . In this case, refusal to provide info about sex abuse victims resulted in a judgement against the advocates . . . Federal judge sides with St. Louis priest in SNAP defamation case


Phil Cardarella said...

Clergy abuse of children is terrible -- whether by a Catholic priest or a Protestant minister.

But, false accusations are easy to make. And -- given the hefty settlements that some victims have received -- might be tempting to make. That is part of SNAP's problem. It cannot accept that some of those who claim to be victims...aren't!

I survived 12 years of Catholic education without an improper glance -- and am immensely grateful to the men and women who taught me out of devotion to a God of Whose existence I am quite skeptical.

Anonymous said...

I survived 12 years of Catholic education without any serious injuries. Not that the nuns and jesuit brothers didn't try; they gave it their all once or twice.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is great because the Catholic Church's record on this issue is so damned good. They've never hidden the issue, systematically bullied those trying to publicize it, tormented victims, or had an entire worldwide apparatus for shuffling pedophiles around to fresh hunting grounds.

Actually, no. They've done all of those things. But score one for Holy Mother Church you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Who paid off Judge Carol Jackson????? Probably a Satanist and pedophile also!