Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Slaughterhouse Water Slide Talking Points

Today's update don't provide much assurance after a horrific tragedy. Take a peek: Schlitterbahn water park's rides privately inspected in June


Anonymous said...

The lawyers are going to have fun with this.
2 inspections in 4 years. Hmmm....that doesn't qualify as "annual" does it? Does the inspection checklist include the inspector sliding down the damned thing and trying not to get decapitated? Probably not.

The park had better do what Disney World did with the alligator that ate the kid. Pull the family aside within 2 weeks, write a huge check, make them sign a non-disclosure clause and then drop it.

Oh! And tear down the damned slide.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Slaughterbarn!!

Super Dave said...

Actually an insurance inspector can be harder on you than a state or local inspector.

Anonymous said...

Loss Control from an insurance is going to walk through, check electrical, fire extinguishers, sick leave and then ask the GM a list of questions. They're not going to check out seat belts on the boats. What they will do is sue the city and the manufacturer of the boats.