Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Siri & Kansas City After Work Tuesday Links

Pr0n bave Siri quit the "adult movie" game and we imagine she's doing something far more interesting nowaday . . . Meanwhile, we're checking some of the most important Kansas City mainstream media news right now.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Mayor Sly Talking Points
Mayor James 'Impatient' To Resolve Issues At Jackson County Jail
Tragic Homicide Testimony
Teens cry out for their mom after gunman sprays bullets into Kansas City home, killing her
KCMO Street Rage Aftermath
KC man cited for allegedly interfering with officers after shooting
Golden Ghetto Youngster Suspect
Charges possible against Olathe student accused of making a threat
Platte County Stays Losing Library Tax Fight
KC Business Journal on Twitter
Party Time Lawsuit Pop Off
Former employees not surprised Rhythm 'N Balloons owners haven't paid suppliers
Happy Rock Nasty Computer Dude
Gladstone man sentenced to 18 years for child pornography
Show-Me Politico War Records
Military records laud Missouri Senate, governor candidates
Cowtown Tech Biz Collabo
KCMO reveals seven innovation partners and inaugural demo day
Kansas City Working Good Life
KC Business Journal reveals finalists in survey of area's top workplaces
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Wyatt Earp, Dodge City said...

Guess what Mayor Sly James, as taxpayers our patience is wearing thin with how you are running this city.

So man up and impeach yourself along with that 5 Dist fool.

Anonymous said...


Siri is a fembot that works as a hands-free personal assistant for all of your oral commands!!!