Friday, August 12, 2016

Show-Me MO SecState Kander Delivering Election Speech With Kansas City Mayor Sly

Thanks to power of the Internets . . . Our bloggy community doesn't have to endure political glad-handing, bad parking and horrible food in order to get a glimpse of election season in Kansas City.

Accordingly, check a new hope for the Democratic Party elite across the nation trying to rev up the crowd with Mayor Sly . . .

War stories and attacks against insider politics comprise this stump speech in hopes that voter turnout might even break 20% in a vote that a growing number of people from both sides of the aisle want to skip.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit how he feels about unsolicited bulk email!

But I am impressed that he had a makeover for his Senate run.

Anonymous said...

446 - so you like receiving spam?

Anonymous said...

Lol. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Years ago there was a person who looks just like Sly who appeared to be serious about being the mayor of a city.
This new guy has settled into being just another political showman and hack.
Cities really need leaders if they're even going to try to address the needs of their residents, businesses, and visitors.
Too bad for KCMO.

Anonymous said...

He's Jewish and 35 years old. Completely unqualified to be a US Senator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the power of our Internet's it is now possible to manipulate and control the dumb ass unwashed masses who think it's the greatest thing to come along since MTV and Best Buy.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Actually, that's pretty much correct if you really think about it.

Anonymous said...

Jason Kander's War Stories: A Tall Tale

Listening to Kander is like listening to Hillary lie about her Bosnia trip in which she was greeted by school children, presented with flowers, lingered on the tarmac shaking hands, etc. Only in Hillary's fictional account, she was under sniper attack and risking her life! Video caught the truth and proved she'd been lying about it for years.

"Honestly, I thought I was pretty tough....and then a few minutes later, or I guess within days" Notice how he doesn't know the difference between minutes and days? That's because he's lying to the public, fabricating stories on-the-fly.

He states that ISIS is the greatest threat to American national security, yet says nothing about how Obama and Hillary coordinated to fund, train and arm these terrorists. More lies to Missouri voters.

Kander spreads disinformation about the Zika Virus being days away from spreading to Missouri. Fact: the mosquitoes that transmit the virus can't survive in Missouri. The only way for a Missouri resident to get Zika is to travel far south, especially out of the country.

Kander blames Blunt, saying his number one priority is keeping his job. Excuse me, but Kander lied to Missouri voters about remaining Secretary of State, and Kander's top priority is to take someone else's job. Selfish, lying Kander.

Kander says people need a tax cut? Why hasn't he talked to Obama about that?
Kander says college students need help affording college? Why didn't he endorse Bernie Sanders?
Kander says women should be paid the same as men? Why doesn't he practice that with his own staff? Why doesn't he talk to Hillary about the gender discrimination at the Clinton Foundation?
Kander blames Blunt fundraising? Why does Kander take most of his money from non-Missouri residents, in places like NYC?