Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Show-Me Kansas City's E-Tax Adversary Kurt Schaefer Soundly Defeated Last Night

A ton of cash from Rex Sinquefield wasn't enough to carry this politico to victory in Missouri as a younger, less reactionary Republican claimed what could be the most important surprise win for Missouri Republicans last night from a candidate who didn't have to carry a gun in his political ads . . . Josh Hawley Stomped Kurt Schaefer in Missouri's AG Race, and We Can All Watch TV Again


Anonymous said...

Not really a surprise. Rex is an incredibly smart and successful man who lived out the American dream rising up from being an orphan to being a self-made man (yeah Obama, he made that)who owns 4 different homes as well as multiple properties. However, the Show Me Institute, although being extremely well-intentioned, is disconnected from the human element needed to influence and create a free-market environment when it comes to politics and urban planning. In short, they can't relate to people to get them to accept their message. Until this changes, Rex and the Sho-Me Institute will continue having an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Me needs to catch up on my Kardashains!

Anonymous said...

The Blow Me Prostitute got Shown!

Missouri's Doesn't buy their faux intellectualism and leftover 1980s bad ideas.