Thursday, August 18, 2016


Kansas City's hottest blogger recaps a local sausage fest for a good cause other than that Summer party where all the B-list movie people push local news coverage out of the way. Take a peek as I'm pretty sure this pretty local writer is trying to kill me: Bratsgiving Recap | Out to Eat


Anonymous said...

Shanley loves a good brat in her buns.

Anonymous said...

And she loves getting paid for this shill piece. Tony did Jeff call to get this ad in your blog? Tony you are a shill for Jeff Roe.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^ Wrong blog douche fountain.

You're thinking of Jeff's wife, this is her food blog:

it's defunct.

Shanely has been blogging for years and has a much wider contact list than even TK.

Sorry to disappoint wildman. Good luck trying to sell a car today.

Anonymous said...

Q: How hot is Shanely Cox?

A: Shanely's so hot, she makes my cocktail weenie turn into a full salami!!!

(from "Wurst" joke collection)

Remember to always wear a condiment!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL!