Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Remember That Best Intentions From The City Council Can Be Easily Overridden By An 'Ordinance With An Accelerated Effective' Date

They used to call this an "emergency ordinance" but Mayor Sly changed it because OUR BLOG COMMUNITY KEPT EMBARRASSING HIM ABOUT IT . . . And now the term is more convoluted but it basically means that there is no such thing as any kind of "binding" legislation to crack down on tax breaks . . . If they were talking Charter Change or EDC reform, this might be more significant but once again the promise of "reform" in Kansas City is usually just a great deal of political theater: KC Council debates reducing tax incentives for development projects


Anonymous said...

Foutch Foutch Foutch!

Everyone bow to Foutch!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Overridden or repealed. Most of their legislative crap needs to be repealed. I think this council is bi-polar.

Super Dave said...

See what the lack of voters voting gets the people.

Anonymous said...

"Coming soon Protein House" That is just gross.

Anonymous said...

First: I don't get how over the years it has become a formality for millionaire/billionaire developers to come in here ask for and receive incentives to build things.

Second: I just do not get how it seems like every project that comes to the TIF commission has to have incentives to make the project viable. Doesn't the fact that it has to have the incentives to be viable financially tell you 2 things: A.) The project probably isn't a good idea. And B.) You probably can't afford to do the project in the first place.

I can want to build a million dollar home all I want. But just because I can't afford to build it doesn't mean I should ask the city for incentives to make the numbers work.

Why should millionaire and billionaire developers ask for and get truckloads of incentives to make their plans work (so they say) when we have thousands of people around the city struggling to make ends meet. We have sewers and roads in disrepair. We have schools and libraries struggling financially.