Monday, August 15, 2016

Recent Numbers Reveal Home Ownership Moving Out Of Reach In Kansas City

Quick look at stats regarding home ownership in KCMO . ..

The homeownership rate in Kansas City fell from 71.3% to 63.0% from 2007-2016

The drops were biggest among Asian Americans, where homeownership fell by 9.5%

Rents increased by 4.7% since 2007, even as owner costs (mortgage, maintenance, etc.) fell by 11.1%

Here's a national look at this trend that inspired these numbers.

More in a bit . . .

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Crazy Clown said...

well don't buy a home in KCMO with a KCMO Address, the place is a total SHIT HOLE and the city run by a degenerate clueless lib'tard mayor named SLY JAMES !!!!!!