Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nicki And The Kansas City Link Blast

Nicki Minaj might be the greatest hip-hop hottie in all the world and tonight she inspires this quick link blast. Take a look:

Hot Spot Across State Line
KU Med Center employee assaulted, robbed blocks from campus
Social Media Threats Across The Bridge
Northland real estate agents receiving menacing messages feel targeted, terrified
Big Money Decides The Vote
National Republican Governors Association puts $1 million into Missouri gov race
Celebrate New Citizens
At Truman Courthouse, 20 immigrants from 20 different countries take citizenship Oath of Allegiance
Show-Me Authority Fact Check
Prosecutor: Marshall police officers lied; cases under review
Kansas City Diva In The Making
Lead Singer Of The Buhs Toils Between Her Passion And Her Bills
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Police Officers lie, so what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Black lies matter?

Anonymous said...


Nicki cracks down on pump 'n dump players!!!

Anonymous said...


Honest Feedback = That was really good, but with respect, I'd omit the rapper. The music and lyrics were smooth sailing in the groove, and then the rap section came in too loud and interrupting and spoiled the vibe. 2 thumbs up otherwise!

Anonymous said...

NIGGER noise and fat assess. KC.