Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Newsflash: Kansas City Has No Ethics

Quick reminder that City Hall has fewer checks and balances than anybody would care to realize . . . What's even more fun is that NONE OF IT will change any time soon. Checkit: KC city auditor cites shortcomings with ethics hotline


Anonymous said...

Hotline bling (literally).

Phil Cardarella said...

Only a bureaucrat seeking to hire more bureaucrats could see a drop in complaints from 118 to 33 over a decade as a bad thing. Rational folks would view that as a success story.

It is like when actual statistics show fewer crimes than would justify the law enforcement budget, those with a vested interest in high crime rates for their budgets both make claims of vast numbers of secret "unreported" crimes and broaden the definition of the crime to include behavior not earlier a crime.

Anonymous said...

People quit calling because not a damn thing happens. There's no follow up, no investigations, and no point. It's a waste of time to report anything in this city