Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mary Sanchez Stands Up For Missouri Obamacare Protestors Convicted Of State Capitol Trespassing

This group include a great many Kansas City members of the clergy who plan to appeal their sentence and in this screed Mary Sanchez advocates for protest despite the fact she withers amid any debate for counterargument. Checkit: How foolish: Missouri convicts 22 for trespassing in state capitol in 2014


Anonymous said...

They must have worked around the clock to catch them.

Super Dave said...

Don't you just love seeing a group who for the most part stands around with their hands held out seeking you to put money in it wanting you to think they are really concerned about your Medicaid. Sorry I see it as a scam to make people put even more money in their hands.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez, the government-paid propaganda agent masquerading as a journalist, assigned to The Kansas City Star, has taken the rare day off from bashing Trump, Brownback, Republicans, and men in-general, to express her ignorance of the law and encourage those who voluntarily violate it.

The ignorant Ms. Sanchez argues the point that the elderly, infirm, and clergy among us are incapable of violating the law and should be held unaccountable for their illegal actions. Wow, I don't know about you, but I sure hope Ms. Sanchez never inadvertently insults, cheats or injures a senior citizen or member of the clergy with a short fuse. She better resign now from the newspaper commentary business, because I know she insults my logic and intelligence with nearly every column she generates.

Let's examine the following quote from her article: "Here is the message sent by Wednesday’s guilty verdicts: “Don’t dare be involved in your government. Don’t dare to press elected officials. For if you do, jail time and fines might be the wrath that you receive.”

Now why is this particularly troubling? Because Ms. Sanchez is a bonafide supporter of the corrupt-to-the-core Hillary Clinton, and refuses to explain why an elderly, neurologically-impaired, pathological liar, with a decades long history of illegal activities, who conspired with the DNC leadership to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, could even remotely be qualified to lead our wavering nation who's desperately in need of a reset from the cronyism status quo.

Further, what does Ms. Sanchez think of her fellow citizens exercising their due discretion after hearing arguments from both sides in this case? Well, let's allow Mary Sanchez to rhetorically place the noose around her own neck. She writes --- "The jury took about three hours to decide that 22 are guilty of trespassing, but innocent of obstructing government operations....What a sham. Do these jurors understand what free speech entails? Does Cole County prosecutor Mark A. Richardson?"

Yes, dear reader, you read that correctly, Ms. Sanchez is COMPLETELY IGNORANT and WITHOUT REMORSE for her mental deficit.

Anonymous said...


Now let's be clear, while I'm not personally acquainted with some of the named clergy, I don't doubt that they were acting in a manner which they believed was in support of the needy. However, EVERYONE is beholden to our justice system and responsible for their actions, despite what Ms. Sanchez may have you believe. Please recall that there is a long history of clergy protesting nuclear weapons and purposely acting in a way which leads to their arrest. Or, suppose that a modern-day Robin Hood began robbing banks with the intent to donate all the loot to charity, would that excuse their illegal actions? I suppose Ms. Sanchez would argue in the affirmative. You and I know better.

A little further along in the article, Ms. Sanchez gets particularly offensive once again, writing --- "Among the concerns going into the trial was whether the predominantly African-American group would receive a fair hearing given the demographics of mid-Missouri. Two of the 12 jurors were African-American. The answer is no. But the reason could easily be a lack of appreciation for the democratic process, coupled with race. This outcome tarnishes Missouri as foolish and backward."

She plays the race card in a forlorn attempt to excuse those refusing to comply with a law officer's command. This is really not too surprising when you realize that Mary Sanchez practices this type of journalistic "dark art" on a routine basis, and has pulled the Aces of Clubs and Spades multiple times over the last 2 years when criminals have been shot by law enforcement for breaking the law, resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, shooting an officer, etc. You see, practicing common sense and following the law is too big of a hurdle for weak-minded incompetent people like Mary Sanchez. So, whenever someone attempts to hold you responsible for your own actions, you flail about, whining on racism, sexism, gender identity, ethnicity, and how someone once called you a name in grade school.

Mary Sanchez is like a defective roofing shingle.....when you try to nail her down with the truth, she splits at the seams and starts claiming excessive force was applied!!

Anonymous said...

Since the church has now involved themselves in government politics make them pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

That picture looks like something from Amos and Andy....