Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lucy And Kansas City Early Saturday

The very best Brit hottie of them all Lucy Collett inspires this look at a lot of worthwhile Saturday news. Take a look:

One More Cowtown Taste
Taste These 9 Grub Joints Within Kansas City
Tragic Working Man Deadline
Kansas City man dies in electrocution accident near Wichita
Golden Ghetto Suspect Absconds
Man charged with murder in May 2016 Shawnee homicide
More KCK Water Slide Rhetoric
Kansas Dept. of Labor says Verruckt was in compliance with state regulations at time of deadly accident
Ford Tough Testimony After Tragedy
Mother of murdered Ford employee's son speaks about death
Cruel Suburban Crook Crisis
Blue Springs man who depends on bicycle for livelihood sees it stolen in an instant
Celebrate Praying Mantis Win Streak
Yordano Ventura earns second straight win as Kansas City Royals beat Minnesota Twins 7-3
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Anonymous said...

What are roast beef flaps?

Anonymous said...

New dish served at the cafe next to the plastic surgery clinic?

Anonymous said...

"Taste These 9 Grub Joints Within Kansas City"

They all have the same thing in common. They use a $20.00 plate to serve 60 cents worth of food that they charge $48 for. Fuck that shit. Where is Golden Coral?

Anonymous said...


After a working girl's 9-5 grind, all Lucy has to look forward to is a weak end!!!

Anonymous said...

Cry, you fucking mud shark, cry.