Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lindsey And The Kansas City Link Look

Lindsey Strutt starts our glimpse at Kansas City mainstream media links tonight. Take a look:

Kansas City Underwater
Flooding concerns linger as storm system stalls
Meth Town Couple Confront Crisis
Independence couple charged in large prescription drug ring
Neighborhood Admission
Former HOA treasurer admits embezzling more than $100,000
Suburban Sinkhole Irks Neighbors
Dirty backyard pool frustrating Independence residents; city steps in
Cowtown Sound
Kansas City Jazz Orchestra infuses jazz into classics of British Invasion
Show-Me Eco-Devo FAIL
Apartments in Historic Northeast set to become mixed-income housing
Rock Chalk Cuts Coming Soon
Select programs feel the squeeze from budget cuts at University of Kansas
Show-Me Public Service Skip Out
Judge blocks appointment of Gov. Jay Nixon as public defender
Big Heist Across State Line
KCK police investigate theft of asphalt roller
Celebrate Kansas City Fanboy Merch
Charlie Hustle launches new line of T-shirts for football season
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BobSeger said...


I do respect her butt,
and I love to watch her "Strutt"!!!
(Candice appearance)

Anonymous said...

"Former HOA treasurer admits embezzling more than $100,000"

Man that felony forgiveness is priceless, huh?

Anonymous said...

If course the is going to be a massive series of charges expunged for free and a shit load of "would have been" felons can now legally possess firearms in Missouri. The question is: If the statute provided a prison sentence for the crime, even if it is called a felony, will those convicted have to serve the sentence prescribed by the statute or does the mere fact that their crime is no longer a felony prohibit them from serving more than 1 year in confinement???? Man I have never seen a state that has made such reckless and serious fuckups when it comes to authoring it's statutes. Of course judges here issue search warrants all the time without probable cause existing so I guess it just depends on whoever is in a mood that day. Jesus Fuck!!!