Friday, August 26, 2016

Lightning Crashes And Golden Ghetto Apartment Complex Burns This Morning

We don't usually post Johnson County house fires but an early morning photog comes away with some amazing images of this Lenexa blaze. Take a look: Lightning strike ignites apartment fire


Anonymous said...

Just wondering. Can someone tell me why the fire department raises the large truck ladder at a fire during a storm where there's the definite possibility of lightning strike? I mean, I wouldn't want to be the guy on the end of that giant lightning rod.

Anonymous said...

If you look close there probably isn't a guy up there they run the nozzle by remote control.

But then I guess you would rather they all sit in the truck till it stops raining and the whole place burns down.

I guarantee 8:46, if it was your place on fire, lightning or not, you would be screaming for shit to be done

Anonymous said...

A little sensitive today are we, 9:54. Having a little spat of cramps sweetheart?