Friday, August 26, 2016

Latest Kansas City Youngster Gunshot Victim

Posted a report of this shooting last night but follow-up is worth a peek if only remind us that the uptick in violence continues this year and this cowtown has becoming increasingly unfriendly for families.

Check the roundup as we approach another inevitably potentially violent weekend:

Police investigate after 12-year-old boy shot in leg in Kansas City
Kansas City teenager seriously wounded in shooting
Developing . .


Anonymous said...

Another black person shot. They don't care, why should I? There is no way for black people to profit from this so they don't care. Why should I?

Anonymous said...

The issue isn't the guns

The issue isn't the bullets either.

The issue is about the black thugs who could care less about anything or anyone.

Anonymous said...

The black community doesn't give a crap about one spearchucker shooting another regardless of age; I don't either. Hell, give them some decent ammo, teach them that 9mm doesn't go in a .38 and give them target practice.

Anonymous said...

Ivanhoe neighborhood again. Maggie May and the Peanut guy are doing excellent work. The neighborhood is more violent than ever.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another child shot in Kansas City. It's a wonder more tourists aren't getting caught in the crossfire, what with 24 million of them crowding our streets and sidewalks ever year like City Hall says.

Anonymous said...

Coming to a Northern area near you soon. Section 8 will spread the action!

Black lies matter said...

As a Black man myself and as well others I know there is a portion of the race that continues to shame us all. I do not want to see the crap from that side of the river make it north as much as the next hard working SUB-urban father but unfortunately as of late the warm and fuzzy progressives in this city keep stepping on our toes with the everyone should have what we work hard for given to them mentality. Time to get aggressive against there type and let them know how it really is.