Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kelly And the Kansas City Sunday

Kelly Brook is a bit "thicker" nowadays than in this promo angel advert but she's STILL one of the very best Brit hotties in the world attempting to make the jump to mainstream work beyond the lad mags . . . And all of this inspires our Sunday morning look at some local links. Checkit:

Toy Train Deux Hope Continues . . .
Kansas City Streetcar Authority plans for route expansion
Show-Me Political Conclusion Trump Inasmuch As Hillary Hurts Democrats
Trump Could Be Deciding Factor In Surprisingly Tight Missouri Senate Race
Sunflower State Mementos
Keeping Kansas' Stuff: Historical society preserves 70 million pieces of paper
Kansas City Stays Losing
Royals fall 5-3 in remarkably predictable game
Old School Global Climate Change???
Heat Wave
Also . . . It's worth noting that MILWAUKEE BURNS OVERNIGHT in more rioting after police shooting . . .
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Streetcar extension is a Slam Dunk!

Anonymous said...

Shooting that left 2 young boys dead angers mayor

Ah here we go again Mr. Frosty is angry

Anonymous said...

Hope the shooter is caught. No pictures of him in a Cap and Gown or holding a puppy please after police do their job if they have to.

Hyperblogal said...

The streetcar pushers are wanting to get Phaze II underway before ridership plummets during cold weather.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^Dead on the money Hyper

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs lose and not wanting to be left alone the Royals have to lose also. Face it, this is a loser town full of way to many losers who really think they are the movers and shakers of this town. The real losers for what ever reason are the ones who lead the political parties in this dump of a town. It's so sad that a once vibrant town has fallen like it has. Killers allowed to roam the streets because the liberals want to protect the thugs while shitting on the law abiding citizens and the victims of crime.

Anonymous said...

Add nets and turn up the streetcar speed!

Market it as a thrill ride for passengers and pedestrians!

Make bank!

Expand streetcar.

Wash rinse repeat.