Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kansas City Urban Core Transit Debate: Northeast News Vs. Clay Chastain!!!

One of our favorite urban core publications challenges Kansas City's most prolific transit activist in their latest editorial.

Take a look:

Northeast News: Go home Clay, you’re drunk

The newspaper lays down the gauntlet here . . .

"We don’t need your half baked dream-scheme that doesn’t address any of the commuter routes that currently jam on a daily basis coming into downtown . . ."

Read the whole thing for a strident critique of Clay's efforts in a scathing editorial but still not as "spirited" as other analysis of the only local dude to win a citywide rail election in a generation.

You decide . . .


George said...

Every time I see Clay fighting alone it reminds me of how duped the people of KC were. Since Clay first introduced his light-rail idea it received the votes of the people TWICE and was to be completed by now. The taxes were implemented and it was paid for, in full, and then some before Obama had a first presidential term. The city council headed by John Sharp then kept blocking the light rail from being built, and pushing Clay to fight to have what was already paid for by all of us back on the voting ballot. The third time it made it onto the ballot the people were convinced by negative press from the council and voted it down. The council couldn't have been more happy, but the people never asked if the light rail was already paid for by US nearly 10 years ago, WTF happened to our money?
Now we have that raggedy P.O.S. street car that we also paid for and it goes less than a third of the distance that Chastains' light rail would have gone. Still, WTF happened to our tax dollars and where the Hell did the money go?

Anonymous said...

Clay is Veruckt.

Anonymous said...

George you are delusional. We haven't ever collected money for light rail that was the problem Clay never had a method for paying. The Toot Toot downtown is not paid for --it won't be paid for. We will have to put in money every year to pay for the bonds. Bonds are promises to pay. Notes of indebtedness. We will put in money every year for the maintanence.